bernhard weiss
but oh
cord 002

but oh

You can prelisten and buy the EP here.

In the back of the garden live is blossoming exuberantly,
while Madame Orie and the old man are falling constantly.
Everything is ready, but oh…



bernhard weiss
re member
cord 001

re member

You can prelisten and buy the album here.

Having worked since many years in the fields of contemporary and Butoh dance, performance, theatre, and film projects, as well as being involved in numerous bands and musical collaborations, the Vienna-based composer/producer, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Bernhard Weiss has released his first solo album.

“re member” is a beauty-packed emotional tour de force. It draws on the hidden memories that lie dreaming in our minds and bodies as well as on sudden and surprising transformations.

A fractal structure of musical styles ranging from experimental ambient and IDM to opera and spoken word poetry supports the feeling of never knowing where the journey will take you next. Meanwhile, even in the harshest moments, warmth and tenderness reign.

The album’s eclecticism reaches its climax in the track “Fafner,” in which the Romanian-born opera singer Brigitte Deutsch interprets the Roma hymn “Gelem Gelem” in an unique way, throwing it into relief with restless beats. Other contributions to the album come from dancer/vocalist Maria Grünbaum, singer/performer Lilian Fritz, dancer/choreographer Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki and violinist Christina Gaismeier.

The very sensitive and often immensly fragile work Bernhard Weiss presents on his solo debut may seem to contrast with his high-energy stage performances as percussionist, but both arise from his profound understanding of the ways that music can affect an environment, and, ultimately, the soul of a listener.